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Definition: The study of how your genes affect how medications work for you.

Why is Pharmacogenomics Important?

Simple genetic testing and comprehensive medication management will allow you along with your providers to select medications that are more likely to provide benefit and less likely to cause serious side effects.

It Begins
with CMM.

Comprehensive Medication Management

The Partnership of Medication Management and Pharmacogenomics 

Pharmacogenomics or PGx is provided within a model referred to as comprehensive medication management or CMM. Understanding your previous and current medication history and any concerns or difficulties experienced, along with understanding your pharmacogenomic test results allows your medication recommendations and goals to be optimized.

What is CMM?

Comprehensive Medication Management or CMM is a review of all medications you are currently taking and those you have taken in the past. This includes prescription and nonprescription medications such as vitamins and supplements.

What are the desired goals for CMM?

Each medication you are currently taking is reviewed to determine if it is safely providing the benefit intended. In addition, it is helpful to understand any previous medications you have taken that did not provide benefit or that may have caused a problem or side effect.

How do CMM and PGx work together?

The pharmacist providing CMM and your PGx test will partner with you to insure that you have all the information you need regarding your PGx results and medications. Together, PGx and CMM will help you to establish goals to maximize the benefits of your current and future medication therapy.


So, What is Pharmacogenomics (PGx)?

Comprehensive Medication Management

Pharmacogenetics (also called PGx) is the study of how your personal genetics affect the way your body responds to medication. Just as each person's physical characteristics are unique, so is our response to medications. Your genetics explain in part why one person may respond to a medication and experience no side effects, while another may have no benefit or potentially experience severe or troublesome side effects.

Woman looking at a bottle of pills
What are the benefits of PGx testing?

Understanding your pharmacogenetics will help your provider select medications that are more likely to work for you. This will help to improve your response to medications, reduce money wasted on medications that did not offer benefit and allow you to feel better and meet your health care goals more quickly. About 30% of variability in medication response has been attributed to genetic factors.


How does it work?

The PGx consult is a three step process. Each consult can take place virtually (Zoom) or over the telephone. 
Step 1
15 minute informational session
Step 2
30 minute consultation

to discuss the comprehensive medication history and procedural instructions

Step 3
30 minute consultation

after testing to share and explain results and determine next steps.

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