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Answers to Your
Pharmacogenomics Questions

Who will Benefit?
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Who will benefit from PGx?

If a medication is unsafe or won't work for you, wouldn't you want to know? Over 95% of people in the US carry at least one high risk genetic variant, suggesting that when prescribed relevant medications, adjustments may need to be considered to improve benefits and avoid side effects. The FDA has included PGx considerations for over 300 commonly prescribed medications. Sooner or later, everyone will benefit from understanding their PGx profile.

How is PGx tested?

A pharmacist will provide an initial consultation and a kit will be forwarded to you via the mail.  Follow the simple instructions that describe how to swab the inside of your cheeks to collect the genetic sample. A cheek swab is painless however, be certain to follow all recommended steps to make certain that an adequate sample is obtained. Package the sample and return to the Lab utilizing the prepaid packaging.  Since your genetics do not change most people only need to complete a PGx test once.

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How is PGx tested?
When should PGx occur?
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When should PGx testing occur?

Any time is appropriate for PGx testing. PGx is a preventive service that provides valuable information for you and your healthcare providers across all disease states and throughout all phases of your life. Whether you are on medications or not, knowing your PGx results and sharing them with your providers proactively will ensure that they are available should the need arise.


Some insurance plans do cover PGx testing. Due to the complexity of insurance coverage and billing, it is best to check with your specific plan for details. Health Saving Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts may be used for PGx testing and consultative services.  

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Important Considerations When Taking Medications
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Your pharmacogenomic test results

Existing medications you are taking

Previous medications you have taken and any concerns or problems experienced

Liver and kidney function

Medical problems and condition

Previous and current lab results


Other physical data and characteristics

Ready to take the right medication based on your DNA?

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