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Patricia A. Camazzola, PharmD

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I am a precision medicine pharmacist that is committed to the optimization of medication therapy through the implementation and advancement of pharmacogenomics. I help people stay healthy through preventive healthcare and if medications are needed, I make certain they are the right meds based on the individual's genetic DNA.


As a licensed pharmacist in the state of Michigan, I became interested in pharmacogenomics and successfully completed three national certification programs in the field. In addition I am also certified in Medication Therapy Management. My previous experiences as a pharmacist include working for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer and also as a Hospital Pharmacy Director. In November, 2022 I launched an independent practice as a Pharmacy Consultant and began RxOptimization, LLC​.


  • University of Michigan - Doctor of Pharmacy

  • University of Michigan - Bachelor of Pharmacy

  • Health System Pharmacy Residency - Harper/Grace Hospitals, Detroit, Michigan

  • Mayo Clinic Implementing Pharmacogenomics into Clinical Practice Certificate 2023

  • PGx Consulting Academy 2022

  • ASHP Pharmacogenomics Certification  2022

  • Medication Therapy Management Certification  2021

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