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Why is PGx Testing a Good Idea?

A PGx test may be accomplished with a simple buccal swab. Each of us is unique - similarly how our body handles and responds to medication is unique. In many patients, PGx results can help to pinpoint the most appropriate medication for the person and condition being treated. Trial and error, side effects and inadequate treatment may be minimized. Testing mainly looks at how your body handles or metabolizes medication. Understanding how your body metabolizes medications can guide you and your prescriber through medication decisions your entire life. Like an allergy - PGx information should be stored, made available to health care professionals and considered every time a medication decision is made. Pharmacists are uniquely qualified to understand and interpret how medications are utilized and metabolized in the body. If you are interested in PGx testing, ask your pharmacist. After all, if a medication is not going to work for you, or if it is going to cause you harm, wouldn't you want to know?

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